May-Day: FTI’s Political Research across the UK

Research undertaken with 1,012 respondents – representative of UK adult general population.

Online research conducted on 16th November 2018 (3pm to 5pm)

Top 10 highlights:



#1 – 62% of the UK want a 2nd referendum on Brexit. Previous ‘Leave’ voters are less enthusiastic, 58% don’t

#2 – If there was a 2nd referendum, 53% would vote ‘Remain in the EU’. However, this is based on 84% claiming they would actually vote & 33% say they could change their mind:

#3 – If they could vote on it, 33% would most want to retain the original relationship with the EU as opposed to 31% for the negotiated agreement:

#4 – 48% think the Brexit agreement will negatively impact the UK and 33% think it will also harm the EU. Personally, 45% consider it won’t impact them:

#5 – 47% consider the EU won on the back of the Brexit agreement, 24% think the UK and the remaining 29% consider both did:

#6 – As of yesterday afternoon, 7% claim to have read the 500+ page agreement, while 49% will just see what others say about it:

#7 – 69% claim the UK’s actions and negotiation on Brexit have impacted how they would vote in a General Election:

#8 – Labour are leading Conservatives by 4%, but support for major parties has fallen and a huge 46% claim they could still change their minds – swing voters:

#9 – 50% think PM Theresa May will be replaced before the end of March 2019, but just 30% expect a General Election:

#10 – Boris Johnson is the most favoured replacement of May that would encourage voters to vote Conservative, but it’s not expected to dramatically change the outcome of an election:


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