Changes in professional services: are they affecting talent retention and engagement?

Firms in the professional services industry are experiencing dramatic changes as they respond to evolving
client demands. Since these firms define themselves by the quality of their people — the urgency of keeping
and attracting the best talent is more intense than ever.

FTI Consulting recently surveyed full-time employees working in the professional services sector, across
the United Kingdom, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Belgium and Australia to assess their views on how well
their organisations and leadership are managing change, fostering innovation and engaging their employees.

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Research Methodology:
This research was conducted online by FTI Consulting’s Strategy Consulting & Research team in London from 13th – 15th January 2016, involving
n=854 full-time employees working in the professional services industry globally, broken down as follows: United Kingdom (n=148), Germany
(n=150), France (n=85), USA (n=120), Canada (n=122), Belgium (n=89) and Australia (n=140).

Please note that the standard convention for rounding has been applied and consequently some totals may not add up to 100%.

Dan Healy is  Managing Director of Strategy Consulting & Research EMEA at FTI Consulting UK.

Lucy Phillips is  Managing Director of Employee Engagement & Change Communications at FTI Consulting UK.

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